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DTE Systems

High quality, state of the art tuning boxes that offer significant gains in a plug and play device.

AWE Tuning

Upgrade your performance and driving experience with industry leading exhausts and air intakes.

What Our Customers are Saying

“This box squeezed an additional 39.6 WHP; 33.72 WTQ through nothing other than tuning.”


DTE Systems Tuner & PedalBox

“I won’t be doing anything else to the S4, it doesn’t need it, and now I gave the performance the car deserves I’m enjoying it again.”


DTE Systems Tuner

“I received my DTUK today and within 10-minutes I was laughing with glee as the S4 took on a new life.”


DTE Systems Tuner

“Before the DTUK Tuner I really liked the S4. After the tuner, I love it.”


DTE Systems Tuner

I love driving and my car, but admittedly, I’m not the typical car-lover that works on his ride every weekend. DTP’s Pedalbox was the perfect addition to help my 911 be more responsive and even more fun to drive!


DTE Pedalbox

“Any of you considering the pedal box to go with your tuning box DO IT! It’s made a massive difference to my SQ5. Response off the line is now vastly improved.”


DTE Pedalbox

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