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Plug in, Drive & Enjoy

DT Power is now offering USDM specific tune solutions for all B9 Audi “S” cars (S4/S5/S5 SB/SQ5). Gain up to 40% more power and torque. Benefit from an engine that runs more smoothly and efficiently. Eliminate “flat spots”. Stop suffering from “lag” on acceleration with our High Quality Tuning Box and PedalBox systems.

Improved Fuel Economy

With a DTE Systems Tuner, your engine can run more efficiently, giving you additional savings as well as performance.

Plug & Play

Simply plug in, drive and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle warranty is intact.

Simple & Safe

Designed in Germany. The strict TUV and CE approval are guarantees that our systems are manufactured to meet the highest independent standards of quality and reliability. TUV is the German government’s strictest regulatory agency for approving aftermarket autoparts.


With it’s ‘plug and play’ design, you can transfer your DTE Systems Tuner and PedalBox to your next vehicle – we’ll even help you check compatibility.


Service Friendly

Due for service? No sweat, just unplug and remove the tuning box and leave no traces behind.

Tailored Fit

Designed, programmed, and tested specifically for your car making installation and results instantly gratifying.


Improved Power & Torque


More Efficient

Hour Email Support

Days Guarantee

Power, torque, and efficiency ratings are rated ‘up-to’. Results may vary.

Make Performance a Priority.

We certainly do.

DT Power DTUK Tuning Box

DT Power branded DTUK Audi Tuning Boxes are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany using high quality components and connections from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) so that they match exactly with the existing engine connections in your vehicle.

DTUK PedalBox

The PedalBox improves the standard response times of the manufacturer’s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and a significant reduction in acceleration lag.


We offer the option of trading out one of your DTUK tune settings for the USA version. This proven tune was developed specifically for USDM car in the US.


Your car should never hold you back from the power and performance you deserve. That’s why we’ll be adding support for other high-performing vehicles in the future. Stay tuned for more details.

You bought a high-performing car, isn’t it time it drove like one?

The Word on the Street

This box squeezed an additional 39.6 WHP & 33.72 WTQ through nothing other than tuning.


I won’t be doing anything else to the S4, it doesn’t need it, and now I gave the performance the car deserves I’m enjoying it again.


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