High-quality design with
soft-touch feel

It’s What You Deserve

Reduce Lag

The PedalBox improves the standard response times of the manufacturer’s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and no more lag.

Approved & Certified

All systems are TUV approved & CE Certified and has been designed to offer the most up to date technology, but be as simple as possible to both install and use.

Traceless Design

Have peace of mind when you service your vehicle. Simply unplug and remove the tuning box leaving no physical traces left behind. How’s that, warranty worriers?


With it’s ‘plug and play’ design, you can transfer your Tuning Box and PedalBox to your next vehicle – we’ll even help you check compatibility.

Plug & Play

Simply plug in, drive and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle warranty is intact.

Tailored Fit

Designed, programmed, and tested specifically for your car making installation and results instantly gratifying.

What Does It Do?

The Pedal Box modulates throttle faster than I can mechanically

Over time the ECU learns that you are going to be asking for more throttle and changes the way it doles out the power. This does help with the dreaded lag and it reduces more and more as the ECU learns. It does not alleviate it totally, but it definitely helps.

Any of you considering the pedal box to go with your tuning box DO IT! It’s made a massive difference to my SQ5. Response off the line is now vastly improved. And no Andrew is not paying me to say that.


As for the pedal box, totally transformed my SQ5 off the line, hardly any pause now and so much more responsive.


Pedalbox is transformative. Getting rid of the anger caused by that that delay every single time you press the accelerator will add years to my life.


In summary, I would say that the Tune Box makes the car faster while the Pedal Box makes the car feel faster – and together they are an amazing combination of pure driving brilliance.


Customer Installation Pics

About Our Boxes

Significant improvements can be felt even in the ‘City’ (green) mode. The ‘Sport’ (orange) and ‘Sport Plus’ (red) modes offer even more of an improvement than the ‘City’ mode, and all selectable by the driver.

The blue line indicates the standard responsiveness of the throttle from the manufacturer and can also be simulated by turning the PedalBox to its ‘OFF’ mode.

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