Audi B9 S-Series Stage 1.5 Combo Pack

$2,093.00 $1,799.00


1 x Audi B9 S-Series PedalBox

The PedalBox improves the standard response times of the manufacturer’s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and no more lag.


1 x Audi B9 S-Series Bluetooth Tuning Box (2018)

  • Increases of up to 40% in power and torque
  • Dyno proven 410 crank HP /  462 Crank Torque
  • Up to 5x higher precision in signal processing for even smoother power application
  • Now with live Bluetooth connectivity
  • Direct connection to DTE's Powercontrol App via smartphone for easy in cabin map configuration and sensor instrumentation panel
  • Direct control of the warm up timer to control when the tune activates
  • Torque acceleration graphic
  • App available on iTunes and Google Play


1 x TCU+ Transmission Tuner


1 x DTP S4/S5 Intake


1 x ECS S4/S5 Turbo Inlet

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This staged package includes our most popular product for the S4/S5 all in one staged package. You’ll get our outstanding Powercontrol Bluetooth tuner, PedalBox, Cold Air Intake and now it also comes with our TCU+ transmission tuner. With this package together you can run higher boost settings and realize another 15-20 HP over the tuner alone.

All together this package is worth Over $2000. Here you can get the whole package for $1799.

When you order this package, you’ll also be in line for free program updates once our bluetooth remote tuning goes on line later in 2018.


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