Custom tailored for USDM Audi B9 S4/S5/S5 SB/SQ5 Models

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Feel good at a red light.
Get tuned.


This box squeezed an additional 39.6 WHP & 33.72 WTQ through nothing other than tuning.


I won’t be doing anything else to the S4, it doesn’t need it, and now I gave the performance the car deserves I’m enjoying it again.


I got mine updated to the USDM map as well and also picked up a pedal box from Aaron. Love the new program!!! Comes early and smooth. Night and day!!!! The car feels great.

Tawfik, Audizine

Ok guys!!!! this is very important!!!! if you have a dtuk from uk... you have to get the tune from Aaron (dt power USA).... It's night and day... still have the power that give me that smile... but the car runs so much better.... The transmission works in harmony with these revised tune... Thank you so much Wow!!!!

morin2726, Audizine

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