Tuning System

introducing now for 2018, bluetooth has come to dt power!

click below to find out how our new processor can apply your usdm tune up to 5x faster and you can now control it from the cabin!

It’s What You Deserve

More Power & Torque

Increases of up to 40% in power and torque, and up to a 20% improvement in fuel economy are achievable as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions helping you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Approved & Certified

All systems are TUV approved & CE Certified and has been designed to offer the most up to date technology, but be as simple as possible to both install and use.

Traceless Design

Have peace of mind when you service your vehicle. Simply unplug and remove the tuning box leaving no physical traces left behind. How’s that, warranty worriers?


Direct connection to DTE’s Powercontrol App via smartphone for easy in cabin map configuration and sensor instrumentation panel

Plug & Play

Simply plug in, drive and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle warranty is intact.

New Technology

Up to 5x higher precision in signal processing for even smoother power application

Overview and Installation

About Our Boxes

DT Power offered DTE Systems Tuning Boxes (for the techie amongst you) sit between the vehicle’s ECU and engine in order to control the fuel injector system, turbo and more using sensors on the common rail or injectors and a range of other sensors depending on application. This means, unlike other tuning options, that we do not interfere directly with the ECU or break any factory seals so avoid invalidating your warranty.

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